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  • Are you overwhelmed by DEI with no real understanding of the distinctions among the three concepts but far too embarrassed to say that aloud? Do you sometimes worry that you will say the wrong thing and offend your employees, so you don’t do or say anything at all?

  • Are you worried that your Diversity and Inclusion efforts thus far are misapplied, ill-focused, underwhelming and perhaps insincere?

  • Have you recently executed a racial equity pledge or otherwise committed to a greater commitment toward advancing racial equity at work but not sure where to start, how to gain internal alignment, and establish rigor and impact around this work?

  • Have you gleaned, via your employee engagement surveys or DEI audits, that there is work you need to do to deepen engagement with employees of different races, ethnicities, and cultures and are looking for a partner to help bring clarity to this work?

  • Are you looking for an advisor to come alongside of you to help evolve and mature your overall strategy and/or execution of racial equity in the workplace?

  • Harper Slade can help. We are your trusted advisor in this journey and make no mistake, it is a journey. But you are not alone. We partner with you to achieve greater employee engagement that ignites unprecedented innovation and competitive advantage for your company. As it relates to your sincere curiosity, if not outright desire, to finally remedy workplace racial inequity that is plaguing our country and its work environments, well, we can help with that too.

Racial Equity Advisory Services


We have customized solutions to help you understand the current racial equity lens alive within your organization and the leaders who govern it. We help you unearth and examine the beliefs that guide the thinking, choices, and behaviors that shape the work experience along racial lines. Understanding this current state helps you understand why your current DEI efforts may be stalled or lackluster. We then can help you reset those norms and advance new beliefs, thinking, choices, behaviors and policies to advance meaningful DEI commitments and deeper racial equity advancements.  

Together, we will explore:

-Individual Readiness to Lead People of Color

-How to Ready your Environment for People of Color to Thrive

-Targeted and Intentional Recruiting Strategies for People of Color (at every career stage)

-Retaining and Advancing Strategies for People of Color


A la carte advisement

We are proud to provide coaching and mentoring support for: 

~Black and brown talent in need of a safe space to share; give and receive career feedback

~ERG leaders and groups in need of greater culturally relevant and strategically impactful guidance


~Leaders who manage people of color and not sure how to discuss areas of discomfort and are worried about being offensive or insensitive

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The Garden ™

Harper Slade’s Signature DEI Experience


Every flower in a garden has a history. Some come from seeds, others from bulbs. Some were planted elsewhere, uprooted and re-homed. Some were blown in by the wind. What determines how they all thrive in a collective, common space? Two things primarily: 1) how they are cared for by the gardener and 2) the condition of the soil in which they are planted.


The Garden, Harper Slade’s signature DEI experience is an intensive, fun and engaging team training like no other. It gives the participants a richer understanding of the distinctions among Diversity (D), Inclusion (I) and Equity (E) work. Participants will learn how to effectively advance a stronger, more engaged and productive workforce, with DEI, as a strategic lever. They will learn how to support, assign value to, and actively remove impediments compromising the growth and development of the:


  • Unique Plants and Flowers in most every garden

  • Soil which must be conditioned to assure that all seeds planted in it and growing from it, are cared for according to their needs

  • Gardeners  who care for the needs of the individual flowers and plants, help amend the soil and otherwise assure the garden is flourishing