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Our Pemises

Our Premise

We are in the belief challenging business. Beliefs are not just ideas that you possess but ideas that possess you. Shared negative beliefs about people of color, as demonstrated by societal systems, presumptions, structures and behaviors, must be transformed, for the collective good. By aggressively cultivating racial equity, both corporately and civically, we can recast an entirely new vision for equality and its role in shaping the economic foundation of our future. 

Intention & Beliefs


We bring our whole selves to this work — the full compliment of our knowledge, skills, professional and personal experiences, vast networks and academic credentialing ~ in order to advance community and corporate policy focused on equity for people of color and therefore equality for all people.


We are convinced that this work first requires a thorough understanding of your individual, corporate and communal beliefs, already in place, about people of color. Our company helps you challenge and reset your beliefs FIRST,  challenge and reset your behaviors SECOND, and develop appropriately paced and sequenced equity strategies that help grow communities and assure greater innovation and advantage within companies.


Our Drivers


Considering the historic and current race-based barriers people of color face, embracing racial equity must require a focus on both remediating those barriers (stopping the bleeding) and advancing policy that closes the gaps caused by the barriers (treat the wound).


We are driven by the urgency of demography; the browning the world will require bold  & unprecedented ascension of people of color into the middle class and beyond. This is a conundrum that transcends diversity as the “right thing to do”.


We are driven by the belief that racism is one of the most significant economic issues we face today and therefore must be eradicated in every system, structure and organization where it thrives.


Work with us

We Look Forward To Working With You

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